Are you asking yourself if you can get money for your recreational vehicle (RV) that has been repaired in a not-at-fault Oregon or Washington accident? You can get money for your repaired RV if you can check these off in Oregon and Washington state: (1) You didn’t cause the accident; (2) There is another insurance company involved besides yours; and (3) You have a diminished value RV appraiser appraise your RV.wrecked RV

You may be able to get diminished value on your Recreational Vehicle if the repaired RV is worth less than it was before the property damage. To receive money on a RV diminished value claim in Oregon and Washington states use an appraiser who will physically inspect your RV.

RV appraisals over the Internet, without a physical inspection, probably would not persuade the insurer to pay the full value of the claim.

Diminished value claims are recognized in most states, but not all. An experienced appraiser will write a multi-page report with comparable RV values. The appraiser will evaluate the amount of damage, cost of repairs, the mileage, and the quality of repairs made.

You may be at legal risk if you do not disclose the property damage when you sell your RV. You have a legal obligation to disclose damage to your RV when you sell it.

I can recommend qualified RV appraisers for you. Several insurance companies now refuse to pay on diminished value claims for the majority of claims that are made. An insurance adjuster may tell you you don’t have a diminished value claim for your RV in Oregon or Washington state; this is because most insurance companies want to keep YOUR money in THEIR pockets.

Sometimes the only way to get results is with a lawyer on your side. If your insurance adjuster told you you don’t need a lawyer, write down the questions you ask your adjuster and the answers you received. Information is power. Is the insurance adjuster wanting you to have less information? That is a good sign to seek legal help.

Remember: You didn’t cause the accident after all! You’re the victim!

Check out our diminished value car service page to see how we can help.

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