FAQ About Personal Injury Law


How much is my case worth?
Every case is different. There is no simple mathematical formula to determine a case value. See our car accident settlements page for more detail. Insurance settlements are based upon what we can win in court for your pain and suffering, as well as on the bills acquired during recovery.

Can you help me get more money for my car?
If a car is not totaled, you may have a diminished value claim. See more information on our Portland Metro area diminished value service page for more information.

Why is it best to call a lawyer when you are injured?
From our experience you will get more money and do less work on your claim. The first few days after an accident are very important in determining the eventual outcome of your case and your settlement, in our opinion. Peterson Law offices can tell you what needs to be done to maximize your settlement.

Can you help me get my medical bills paid for my injury?
Yes, we can instruct you on how to get a PIP form from your insurance company. Car accident insurance policies in Oregon and Washington state provide for payment of your medical bills & lost wages while you recover from your injuries. You may have the right to have your bills paid for even if you lacked insurance or were a passenger in a car accident.

How can a lawyer help me get more money?
We have the threat of a lawsuit. Also, experience counts. We have experience dealing with insurance agents and know how they work and we know what factors are important to prove your claim and maximize your settlement.

I don’t have a lot of money for legal fees. Is that ok?
There are no legal fees, unless we recover money for you. Fees are contingent upon the settlement or judgment you receive.

My case is really unusual or complex. Can you help?
If we feel that you have a valid claim, we will do legal research to show who’s at fault and why.

What if I was hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver in a car accident?
If you’re in an a car accident and are insured, you can get money from an uninsured or underinsured driver using your own uninsured motorist coverage. An underinsured driver is someone who does not have enough insurance to cover the cost of your claim.

A relative of mine was killed in an accident. Can you help?
Yes, we have experience with wrongful death cases and consortium claims in Oregon & Washington states.

I don’t live near Gresham OR. Can you help me with a personal injury case?
We serve all of Oregon and Washington, and have a toll free number, 1-877-908-1900, for people who live outside the Portland area in OR and WA. We are skilled in personal injury law, which some local small town general attorneys are not, and in some cases we will meet you at your home or another convenient meeting spot, such as a restaurant, anywhere in Gresham, Oregon, Vancouver WA, or anywhere else in Oregon or Washington state. If you prefer, we will mail you our office retainer and medical release documents and handle the case by phone, email, and mail.

What if I was driving, got injured, but I didn’t have car insurance?
In Washington state it doesn’t matter. In Oregon, however, there is currently a law saying you can’t get money for your pain and suffering, only your car damage and medical bills. Your injured passenger can still get money for pain and suffering.

Do you handle dog bite claims in OR and WA?
Yes, we have handled many dog bite and dog attack cases in Gresham, Oregon and elsewhere. Read more about dog bite representation in Oregon and Washington state.

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