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Bike Licenses Are Bad Math

This article is not about bicyclists vs. drivers. This is about growing up. This is about taking financial responsibility for ourselves. This is about treating you, the reader, with intellectual respect. This is about bike licenses and how they are a bad idea. With so...

Top 5 Famous Lawyers in History

The most famous lawyers in history are only capable of one of  two things- kickin’ ass or pushing paper. AND PETERSON LAW OFFICES JUST WENT PAPERLESS! Admittedly, my kickin’ ass is muted to appropriate levels of aggression, or lack thereof, in order to assimilate with...

What Is Lumbar Facet Syndrome?

While I have previously blogged about a range of back injury money settlements, (having done injury law for 24 years) I have seen many soft tissue back injuries called lumbar facet syndrome which bring a far higher money settlement than your more common soft tissue...
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