Different Types Of Personal Injury Claims

These are the different types of personal injury claims we handle in Oregon and Washington at Peterson Law Offices:

There are many different types of personal injury claims, and each one has their own special considerations. Our law firm wants to make sure that your claims are addressed in a manner that is cohesive with your interests. These are just a few of the types of claims a person can file.

  • Car Accidents

◦ General motor vehicle accidents

◦ Cases involving motorcycles hit by cars

  • Truck Accidents

◦ Accidents that involve commercial trucks. These accidents often deal with serious injuries.

  • Pedestrian (Walking Accidents)

◦ Oftentimes dealing with people facing injury due to being hit by a car while walking.

◦ Justice for mistakes that lead to death.

◦ Assistance for people who are attacked by pets.

  • Day Care Accidents

◦ Cases in which day cares cause or fail to avoid injurious harm to children.

  • Accidents at Businesses

◦ Often due to negligence on the part of the business owner.

  • Accidents at Private Residences

◦ Due to negligence in somebody’s home.

  • Falls Resulting in Serious Injury

◦ Very common with senior citizens, children and individuals with disabilities. Needs to be negligence involved.

  • Food and Beverage Burn Accidents

◦ May be caused by negligent restaurant workers or careless individuals. Capable of causing serious injury including third degree burns.scales of justice of cartoon injured person

  • Nursing Home Accidents

◦ Negligence in nursing homes is very stressful and particularly difficult when it happens to a loved one. It’s hard to see this kind of thing but it is far too common.

  • Maritime Accidents

◦ Accidents that occur on boats or while on the water are often fatal and may result in serious, debilitating injury.

  • Scooter Accidents

◦ Accidents on alternative vehicles often result in fractures and lacerations, but may also incur serious damage. There may be negligence on the part of the user or a car, but also on the part of the manufacturer.

  • Skateboard Accidents

◦ Accidents where skate boards get hit by cars

  • Airplane Accidents

◦ Every passenger’s worst fear. If a passenger is lucky enough to get out alive they should look into the reason for the accident in order to hold the airline responsible for what is most likely a serious injury.

  • Explosion Accidents

◦ Often the result of negligence or malicious intent of another party.

  • Train Accidents

◦ These are quite common and usually the result of negligence.

  • Construction Accidents

◦ Workers and contracting companies are often held responsible for these types of accidents.

◦ Extremely serious and often result in fatalities. Should be investigated.

  • Other less common accidents


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