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How can a motorcycle accident attorney help you?

A motorcycle accident attorney can make sure you get the money you deserve for you injury accident.  They have

  1. years of experience
  2. threat of a law suit
  3. the ability to see through the insurance company tactics
  4. knowledge of evidence needed to maximize a motorcycle accident settlement


Motorcycle accidents

Injuries that are common to motorcycle accidents are different from those typically suffered by victims of auto crashes. In an automobile, there is plenty of protection for the people inside. During a motorcycle crash, however, the injuries sustained are the result of the rider’s body either meeting the road or colliding with another vehicle.

There may be road rash from sliding, arm and leg injuries, and lots of damage to knees and shoulders.

Oregon insurance law states that you must carry liability insurance. There is a minimum insurance requirement, but as Portland motorcycle accident attorneys, we recommend that you purchase additional insurance. It is always best to have extra uninsured and underinsured coverage in case you need it.motorcycle accident with car

Also keep in mind that the other party may not have insurance coverage, and riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car.

Protect yourself as best you can by driving safely and carrying insurance. If you do find yourself the victim of a motorcycle accident, please be sure to contact an experienced Portland motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney can help you obtain the amount you deserve for your injuries and damaged property.


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