Bus Accident Types and Statute of Limitations

Bus Accident Types

As we’ve seen in headlines bus accidents happen over and over with many people being injured. Some companies who run commercial and charter buses in sub-standard condition run a high risk of causing a bus accident.  Other times a bus will hit a car and cause multiple injuries such as a collision with C Tran and a minivan in Vancouver Washington that happened in 2015

bus driver with scared face getting in a bus accident

Other types of bus accidents happen as well such as ones involving pedestrians and bus drivers. The city of Portland was shocked by the horrible Trimet accident that happened in 2010 when 5 pedestrians were killed.

Sometimes bikes are involved such as a fatal Oregon bus accident involving a bicycle and a trimet bus was reported in 2014.

Bus Accident Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for bus accidents in Oregon is the same as any other personal injury claim, 2 years. In Washington state you have 3 years to file a personal injury claim such as a bus accident with C Tran.


How a bus accident lawyer can help you get more money

The Oregon bus accident lawyer, Todd Peterson, of Peterson Law Offices has helped thousands of Oregon residents recover the compensation they deserved after a vehicle accident. This means not letting insurance companies dictate the terms of your settlement for you.

The job of insurance companies is to stay in business by paying out the smallest compensation checks possible. It may be only after you agree on a settlement that your soft-tissue injuries come to the forefront.

Trimet bus accident injury claims can be difficult claims to collect from. We want to help you move forward with the law on your side.

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