Filmed in 2015:

Speaker 1:
So, Todd, when a client asks you, “Who pays my bills?” What’s your answer?

Your bills, in an injury accident, in a car accident, in the state of Oregon and the state of Washington, will be paid by your insurance company. In the state of Oregon, it’s called personal injury protection, they call it PIP. In Washington, it may be PIP or it may be what we call MedPay. The amounts vary from state to state. Usually they are $15,000, $25,000, could be more depending on your insurance policy. At the end of your case, when your case is resolved through settlement, or however the case is being covered, your insurance company will have a subrogation. They’ll get reimbursed by the at-fault insurance company at the end of the claim.

The main thing is, is that in every single injury claim when the case settles, we want to ensure that our clients’ medical bills are paid, they’re paid in full, and that the clients are not going to be responsible for the medical bills. They didn’t cause the medical bills, they didn’t cause the accident, that’s the insurance company’s responsibility. And it’s the at-fault insurance company who’s primarily responsible, because they’re the ones who will reimburse your company when the case gets settled. It’s only fair, that’s why the system works like that.



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