Filmed in 2015

When a client asks you, “What kind of medical care should I get?” what do you answer?

What kind of medical care a person gets really depends on what they want. There’s a variety of care that you can receive in an injury accident. In car accidents, you could receive physical therapy. My clients can get chiropractic, they can get massage, they can get acupuncture.

Any kind of medical care is legitimate and will be recognized by the insurance company as long as there is an authorized basis for analysis to say, “This is what is required in terms of a modality to treat the person.”

The insurance companies want to see in the end that people are treating for their injuries, they’re recovering and, and making progress. It’s that progress which helps a claim. So the care, it varies. It varies from case to case. The amount and duration will vary again from person to person.

It all depends upon a variety of factors and these factors are all inter meshed together in the event that we call the injury accident.

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