The steps that our personal injury accident cases go through typically are listed below. These steps vary from case to case. This assumes the case does not go to court, which most do not.

  • phone consultation : To make sure you have a case that our law firm will take on a contingency basis.
  • sign up : This can be done by mail, online and/or in person. This involves filling out some forms and signing some documents.
  • injury recovery management: We check in on the client occasionally as needed and answer questions as the client recovers with the help of their medical provider(s).
  • insurance claim management: We talk to the insurance companies while the client recovers.typewriter at gresham injury law firm
  • records collection: We collect all related medical records for evidence from all medical providers after treatment is done. This often takes longer than many clients expect.
  • demand writing: We summarize all the medical records and make a written demand to maximize the client’s claim.  The attorney goes over this with the client.
  • negotiation with the insurance company: The attorney starts negotiation with the insurance company for an amount that they feel is reasonable.
  • settlement consultation with the client: The attorney and client discuss the settlement offer to make sure the client is OK with it and accepts the offer.
  • settlement: The attorney agrees with the insurance company to settle, the client signs documents and we distribute the settlement money to providers, pay the firm it’s fee and give the remainder to the client.
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