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When clients ask you, “What is better, chiropractic care or physical therapy?” what do you answer?

Todd Peterson:
Chiropractic care is certainly a different form of medical care than physical therapy. Which is better? It depends upon what my client will want. Some clients are very comfortable with chiropractic and have received that in a past or know it. Others are more comfortable with a medical doctor who will refer them to physical therapy.

Of course, it’s easier, in my opinion to see a chiropractor because there’s not a lot of roadblocks in terms of referrals. When a person goes to physical therapy, they often have to be referred to physical therapy by a doctor. A person could simply call a chiropractor up, make an appointment and get an evaluation. Chiropractors treat a lot of people who’ve been in injury accidents, particularly car accidents.

Physical therapy is a different kind of modality and it often involves work by the injured person in terms of weights, pulleys, and other mechanisms, which strengthen their muscles. Chiropractic is more of an approach by the chiropractor who will do the work themselves.

Physical therapy or chiropractic really depends upon what the person wants. They’re two different kinds of treatment modalities. Chiropractic is more of a system of recovery where the person is receiving care administered by a chiropractor.

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