Filmed in 2015

What do you recommend your clients do after a rear end collision with resulting neck and back strain?

Todd Peterson:
The main thing I recommend for my soft tissue injury clients is that they get with a good medical provider, whether that’s a physical therapist, whether that’s a chiropractor, whether it’s treating with their doctor and getting referred to either of those or getting massage therapy. The main thing is that they get active care to address their problems and not to have breaks in their treatment.

They want to be very expressive with their medical provider because their provider will take chart notes and write things down. Eventually, those chart notes will be used in the settlement of their claim and it impresses the insurance adjuster or the defense attorney if those chart notes are detailed and conveys the trauma and the pain that the client is having.

It’s that simple because they’re on a road to recovery and that road is long and it’s hard and they’ve got a right to the medical care. They have a right to get their bills paid by their insurance company and they want to do the right thing so they can maximize the amount of their settlement at the end of the case.

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