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When clients ask you, “I can’t take care of myself at home, what can I get now for that?” What do you answer?

If you’re injured and cannot take care of your basic life functions such as things that you were accustomed to before the accident, you can be paid for that. If you pay others to do that work for you. Usually that’s undertaken under your PIP, your personal injury protection. Vacuuming your home, doing the dishes. If these are things that a doctor will authorize you not to perform, then you can certainly have those tasks paid for by the insurance company; in particular, your own auto carrier.  Your carrier will pay for these things under your personal injury protection because the insurance company does not want to see someone aggravate their injuries and become even worse. That’s why they’ll be willing to pay for certain household tasks as long as they’re authorized to do so by the insurance company. Basically, keep good records if you’re going to be paying anyone to assist you around the home and you can be reimbursed.


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