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What are a few things that people often do to hurt their case?

Todd Peterson:
I would say the number one thing that people do to hurt their case is saying things that are not necessary for their medical care when they’re with their doctor. By that I mean saying things that are dealing with the legal aspects of the case or not their bodily injuries.

It really has nothing to do with their medical care. The reason is is because doctors, therapists, chiropractors will write things down in their chart notes, and those chart notes are the materials that we will supply to the insurance adjusters and on cases that are filed in court, they will come into court.

So it’s not a good thing to talk about legal aspects of your case with your doctors because the doctors aren’t attorneys, they’re not paralegals, they’re medical people.

So when you’re with a doctor or a therapist or chiropractor, talk to them about your medical care, how you’re feeling and and keep your comments to them short and concise so they can get the information.

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