Filmed in 2015:

Speaker 1:
When clients ask you, “Should I sign forms?” What do you answer?

Todd Peterson:
After an accident you’ll get a lot of forms in the mail. You’ll be wondering, should I fill these forms out? I always tell my potential clients never to fill out forms from the at fault insurance company. They’ll often send you medical releases or questionnaires about the accident. You can talk to them on the phone, but don’t fill any forms out.

You’ll often get forms from your own insurance company, your personal injury protection forms, you certainly want to fill those out because the PIP form is what your insurance company needs to pay your medical bills. You want to get that back to the insurance company as fast as possible. You want to give them your wage information if you’ve lost any work, so you can get your wages paid in a timely fashion and your medical bills. And I often say, fill out stuff from your company, not the other company. It’s the best way to do it.

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