What are the some Gresham, Oregon Electric scooter laws?

Gresham, Oregon has authorized dockless electric scooter farms to operate in the city during this summer for a 4 month trial.electric scooter
Below are common Gresham, Oregon electric scooter laws set that all users should know to gaurantee their safety.

1. Rider is required to wear the helmet

Since the scooter can cruise at a max speed of 15 MPH, it is ideal to wear gear for protecting the rider’s precious head. Oregon law https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Forms/DMV/6619.pdf requires that adult electric scooter users wear a helmet, unlike with bicycles

2. It is prohibited to ride escooters on the sidewalks in Gresham, Oregon

This may sound odd, but it’s stipulated in Gresham, Oregon electric scooter law. What makes some people think it is an odd law is that it looks funny when someone is riding at 15 MPH in traffic while cars are going much faster. But this speed is really so fast when it’s on sidewalks. The biggest danger of something moving 15 MPH on a sidewalk is when cars come in and out of a driveway or parking lot. The car drivers are not expecting anything going so fast as 15 MPH toward them on the sidewalk so they may not see the scooteree and will more likely hit them with their car then with a slower pedestrian or even a runner.
It is also illegal to ride bikes at all on sidewalks in Downtown Portland.

3. You must ride in the bike lane where there is one

Bikes are allowed to go any speed in the bike lanes but escooters are only allowed to go a max of 15 MPH. Keep an eye out for cyclists in your lane.

4. It is illegal to ride in Parks in Gresham, Oregon

This includes many areas that people like to go like Waterfront Park or even Springwater Corrider which is a state park.escooter law in Portland

5. You must be 16 years of age to ride an e-scooter

6. It is illegal to carry a passenger on the scooter

7. You can get a DUI on e-scooter for scooting under the influence

If caught by the police in violation of any of the above stated Oregon electric scooter laws, they can cite you. Shared electric scooters are expected to create various issues because some of the scooter laws are counter-intuitive. Those users who are not experienced will be vulnerable to unexpected scooter accidents.

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