What are the parking lot laws?

According to Joseph Rose of the Oregonian, there are very few parking lot laws since they are considered private property. He says:

“In fact, I could find only seven traffic laws that transfer from the street – defined as a “public highway” – to the parking lot:

  • Speed racing (Is there any other kind?)
  • Careless driving
  • Reckless driving
  • DUII
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Eluding police
  • Failing to perform the duties of a motorist after a crash”


Though the possibility of being pulled over in a parking lot is slim, there are some rules (not necessarily laws) that you must follow.

  1. Stay within the posted speed limit.
  2.  Watch for one way signs and any marks on the lane. The easiest way to tell which direction the lane is in is by the parking spots. This will help with which way you can enter and exit that lane.

    Parking Lot Laws

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  3. Handicapped spaces are designed for those with a handicap placard. They are always located closest to the entrances and will be marked. Even if you are in a hurry, you should never park in one of these spaces. They are for only those that need assistance.
  4. Always stop at the stop signs and yield when told. Those stop signs work the same as they do on roads and city streets

If someone has violated parking lot laws and caused an injury accident to you, you may have a claim. A seasoned injury attorney can help you with the insurance company who often has trouble sorting out who is at fault due to the lack of clear parking lot laws.


What is the etiquette for the parking lots?


  1. Try not to block any spaces while waiting for a spot yourself. You need to make sure you are aware that the car behind you might be on their way out. It is easy to be paying attention to the car leaving the spot, but don’t forget to look in the rear view for those cars that would like to get pass you.
  2. When you are parking in a spot, make sure you can fit! Don’t park your large truck in a compact space. Park in the middle of your lane so you can open your door and get out without hitting the car next to you. This will also keep your car from being hit by your neighbor’s door.
  3. Make sure you pull your car all the way into the space. This is helpful to those next to you when reversing. They are able to see around your car and make a better decision on when to leave the space.
  4. If you own a smaller car, don’t pull in all the way. You want to make sure drivers can see the end of your car in the spot. It happens a lot when you see a car pull into a spot but ends up pressing the brake because there was a smaller car in that spot.
  5. Never park over the curb, which could destroy any plants, rocks or even your own car.
  6. When you are leaving your spot, check your blind spots for any pedestrians. It is hard to watch for children, so back out slowly until you can see the entire road behind you. They might run away from the cart, their parents or playing a game.
  7. With cell phones and electronics more popular now, make sure you are looking for any pedestrians that aren’t paying attention.

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