Stacks of Cash

One moment you are rockin’ out in your car to John Cougar Mellencamp and the next moment… BOOM! Some stranger is asking you if you are alright, you are in an ambulance headed to the ER, and singing Jack and Diane will never mean the same thing to you again.  I’m a personal injury lawyer. I represent people for car accidents, slip and falls, and dog bites.  This is actually a pretty normal story for me.

There are people out there that have recently been in a crash and have decided it’s not worth getting lawyered up.  There are people out there that have been cut off from their insurance benefits after an Independent Medical Evaluation ordered by their own insurance company. There are people out there that stop treating for their injuries before they are healed. There are people out there who  return to work before getting healthy because they need money despite wage loss benefits that are sitting on the table. There are people out there that have been in a car accident who never will be made whole.

I want to find every single last one of these people. I want to educate them on the system and how a personal injury attorney can help them.

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That is why we are launching a campaign called Operation #FreeTheMoney. The purpose of our campaign is to make person in Portland and the surrounding areas whole and get the money they deserve. There is money out there for treatment of your injuries. We just need to free it.

Insurance Companies Don’t Care 

The simple truth is your insurance companies see their clients as part of the bottom line.  Insurance operates as a business. Your feelings are irrelevant to the insurance industry.

A lawyer’s  business is set in a different direction. When we make money, you make money. Does that make us the good guys? Of course not but it really does is put us on your side.  Objective trust is knowing what the other guy wants.

I’ve learned the benefit of open communication in my career. My fee is 1/3rd of every non court filed case. My experience and leverage allows me to get settlements far and above the cost of my fees. If you have any of the following I can help:

  1. Long Term or Permanently Debilitating Injuries
  2. Severe Injuries
  3. Medical Malpractice
  4. When an insurance company refuses to pay
  5. Chronic and slow to heal injuries

Even if your injuries are not severe, consulting a personal injury attorney is exactly what the insurance industry does not want you to do.  Insurance companies put maximum pressure on minor impact claimants. The reason being that their leverage, the independent medical exam, is likely to produce a diagnosis that cuts you off from your benefits.  You may have minor whiplash but need additional treatment. A personal injury attorney changes who has the power in this game.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and I’m still constantly surprised by how little people think their quality of life is worth.  The best people are humble, those unassuming types who work incredibly hard without asking for a reward. They are also the people who will walk away from a crash claiming to be fine and wake up with whiplash in the morning. They go into the office in pain. A day goes by, then a month, a year, and now pain is just a daily part of their life.

We all know these people. They are our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, our parents. We need to get the word out to the injured. There are benefits available to them. They may be able to take 6 weeks off of work to focus on their rehab and their own personal health. They do not have to live every day in pain. This is what the campaign is about. We need to find these people. We need to make them whole. This is Operation #FreeTheMoney.


Why I Do This 

I went to Lewis and Clark for law school. It was difficult. I could have gone elsewhere and it would have been easier. I wanted to do the right thing – not the easy thing. I wanted to test my ability with the best.  I didn’t want a handout.

I have a theory that this is why more people don’t seek representation when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Pride is a strong emotion. When I was a student at Lewis and Clark my professors were very direct and fair. They had high expectations for my work but also the work of my peers. I knew taking shortcuts would make me a lazy student and in turn a lazy lawyer. I wanted to be great so I didn’t take shortcuts.

Personal injury lawyers protect people from a cold and tyrannical industry.  That doesn’t make us heroes, it gives us a responsibility; a responsibility to recoup the losses someone inevitably incurs after a serious injury. It also gives us a responsibility to find those who don’t know what they are entitled to.

That’s where we need the help of our community.  If you know someone who has recently been in accident, send them this article.  Post it on your social media platforms. Share it, because even if you haven’t been in an accident you might just raise awareness and change someone’s life.  You don’t even have to send them my way, just let them know there is help out there.


Mr. Old School 

I once had a client I’ll affectionately give the alias of “Mr. Old School.”  Mr. O was hit by a vehicle moving 25-30 mph while crossing the street. His body was thrown 30 feet from impact.  After months and months of surgeries, rehab, and migraines he said he was hesitant to seek out representation. He told me that the driver of the vehicle didn’t see him and he was afraid filing a case would ruin the driver’s record.  Since that day we fought tooth and nail with the insurance company just to get his basic medical costs covered. They  fought us each step of the way.  Some days I would just simply run out of ideas on how to get his medical bills paid. I thought about giving up, but then I remembered, this is a good man and this accident is going to affect the rest of his personal, financial and physical life. I am on his side and making him whole is my responsibility.

I know there are more Mr. Old Schools out there.

Let’s find and help every Mr. Old School.  I am on his side and this is my responsibility and your’s.

Let’s be a community.  If you want to help. Tweet @Injurylaworegon with the #FreeTheMoney hashtag. Share this article with your friends, let them know about potential benefits they may be entitled to.  Get all the money you deserve. You can find all the information you need at

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