If you are injured as a passenger on a bus or while riding in a taxi there is no upfront payment of your medical bills at all, no PIP (PIP is Personal Injury Protection). The taxi or bus companies will not pay your medical care. So who pays upfront medical taxibills when you ride a taxi or a public bus like Tri-Met or C Tran? You do!

Buses like Tri Met and C Tran do not give riders PIP coverage . Taxis also do not give their riders PIP coverage. If you are injured while a passenger in a taxi or riding on a bus your own PIP will pay your bills. If you are injured while a passenger in a bus or taxi and have no PIP then your private health insurance will pay your bills. I have, in the past, arranged for chiropractors to treat clients who have no PIP or private health insurance.

No insurance coverage for taxis and buses, what do I do?

However, when you have been injured while riding in a bus or taxi the chiropractor will ask that you sign a lien protection letter which says if we later get a settlement then the chiropractor will be paid. Such bills are always your responsibility not the lawyers.

If the bus or taxi caused the accident then that company will pay your bills and pain and suffering money in most cases, only at the time of settlement.

Update Aug. 2015

What about PIP when taking Uber and Lyft?

There currently is a bill before the Oregon House, Bill 2237, that concerns PIP coverage in ridesharing situations, like with Uber and Lyft.

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