Filmed in 2015:

So, Todd, what do you tell your clients about how to handle body damage claims themselves?

Body damage. By body damage, you mean damage to the car. I am an injury lawyer, so I handle the injury part of the case. Whenever we have body damage, the number one thing I tell my clients is to come up with comparable values. Come up with three values on the internet of what the fair market value of your car is when they’re totaling it.

When the car is going to be repaired, it’s a totally different story. Second, come up with any repairs you put in the car. Come up with documentation, receipts, invoices from the body shop.

Third, is there anything unique about the car, such as a chrome stereo system, tires?

Different unique aspects of the case that will increase the value of your property damage settlement on your car. I’ve seen it time and time again in doing this for the last 23 years.

And what I would have to say is, the best thing to do is to look at the entire aspect of your bodily damage injury case from the perspective of the adjuster, because they look at what the fair market value is.

So, come up with a fair market value, and that’s simply three different values on what they’re going for, on the internet and any kind of website you can find from, Craigslist to auto appraisers to any other thing that you could find. It’s the best way to have an arsenal on your side.

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