Most people in Oregon understand that whenever they suffer a car accident, there is a need to seek possible compensation for physical injuries suffered. They know that they can sue in the case of regular injuries such as the loss of limbs, back problems and a slew of other possible problems suffered in accidents. However, it is surprising that very few of us know that they can seek redress in case of loss of hearing that can be directly attributed to a car accident. Keep in mind that the ear is a very important part of the body and related injuries should never be ignored.
Settlements on ear damage related to car accident cases that I have actually handled in Oregon may range from $5,500.00 to $75,000.00.

Hearing loss and other injury to the ear occurs from trauma in car accidents. Ear injury from car accident claims may be for:
1. Tinnitus
After an accident, you may have this constant ringing in both of your ears. This kind of noise never seems to go away, and it becomes difficult for you to work or function as you did previously. The noise is only heard in your ears and is never from the external environment.

2. Hyperacusis
This refers to a heightened sensitivity to noise in general. Most of the times, the noise that affects you when you have this problem is not a problem to others at all. In fact some people become hypersensitive to their own voice.

3. Hearing loss
The loss of hearing might be gradual, such that you notice it sometime after an accident. In other situations, you lose the ability to hear immediately after the occurrence of the accident. The problem could be temporary but at other times, you may require advanced medical help. Do not ignore this condition because it could be the sign of more trouble.

4. Auditory defects
Some people tend to suffer minor injuries to their ear drums. They come and go, and this pattern repeats itself over time. You could be suffering a defective auditory canal (this is the tube running from the eardrum to the pinna) or a damaged ear drum.
5. Balance problem
The ear is central to balance and posture. It helps manage a sensory and physical equilibrium in all of us. If you start experiencing loss of stability or dizziness in the aftermath of an accident, you need to take those as warning signs.

6. Ear pressure pain
An accident may cause an injury that alters the function of the ear such that the pressure on its outer part becomes more than the one in the middle ear. When this happens, your ear feels stuffy, even painful.

Besides car accidents, ear damage and hearing loss can result from

  • falls
  • explosions
  • and other blunt force trauma.

I recommend a complete evaluation by a skilled ear doctor which may include a tinnitus evaluation as well as testing for hyperacusis which is a collapsed dynamic range of tolerance for sounds.


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