You can get money for a diminished value on a leased car in concept, but its not really called a “diminished value claim”. You technically don’t own the car. When your car gets damaged in an accident and your car is leased, rather than purchased, it is considered an “out of pocket property damage leasehold loss”.

How To Get More Money On A Diminished Value On A Leased Car

If your car is damaged by a third party and the company that leases you the car lets you keep the car after it is repaired, you may get less money or get dinged on the lease. dented car

To keep this from happening, if you have the car appraised by a diminished value appraiser you will often have a better chance of getting an amount closer to what you will lose at the end of the lease.

I recommend you consult a diminished value lawyer before you get the car appraiser on board because the appraiser will need to evaluate what the leasing company will ding you plus the diminished value evaluation.

Diminished Value Claims On Hybrid Cars In Oregon And Washington

Being one of the first number of lawyers to handle diminished value claims I have seen that property damage to hybrid cars often commands much higher depreciation of value than fully gas powered cars.

This is because used hybrid vehicles are valued higher buy buyers, especially when gas prices are high.

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