Filmed in 2015:

Speaker 1:
When clients ask you, “Can I get money for my case?” What do you answer?

Todd Peterson:
I’m often asked on the telephone when I speak to clients, potential clients for the first time, “Am I entitled to get money for my case?” In many instances you are entitled to get money. The question is is how much, of course, and that’s the proverbial question. You’re entitled to get money because you didn’t cause the injury accident. You’re in pain, you’re injured, you are entitled to get your medical bills paid. You’re entitled to an amount for your pain and suffering.

That amount is an amount that’s determined at the end of your case. It’s determined by the negotiating process from the attorney to the insurance company adjusters. When the case is filed in court it’s determined by the attorneys through a negotiation. It can be an amount that comes up in mediation or arbitration of the case and of course it’s what an amount a jury would give. That’s the end result on what you’re entitled to. There are many, many factors which come into play in terms of how much money you’re entitled to and that’s the attorney’s job as an effective advocate of your claim to come up with the adequate amount that will compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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