If you had a car accident, you may be asking ” Why Do I Have A Loss Of Smell After A Head Injury?” A car accident is a serious event in one’s life. It can leave your mind in a fog. If you notice that you are experiencing a loss of smell after an accident, it could be the result of a serious head injury. You should consult a medical authority as soon as possible.  You may be suffering from Ansomia. Traumatic Ansomia is the loss of the ability to sense odor and can be permanent. The loss of smell is a serious inconvenience but also be a safety hazard.  Where there is smoke, there is fire, but what if you can’t smell the smoke?

Why Do I Have A Loss Of Smell After A Head Injury?

An impact between vehicles often causes the driver or passengers of a vehicle to jerk forward. That sudden jerk often results in a cranial frontal injury. In other words, the  forward momentum frequently results in you hitting your forehead.  In an accident the vehicle comes to a sudden and complete stop, while the drivers and passengers of the vehicle are still traveling at the speed of the vehicle at the time.  The impact between the vehicle and passenger is very dangerous. According to this article, “Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Loss of Smell and Taste,” cranial frontal injuries often lead to a loss in the ability to smell.loss of smell after a head injury

The loss of smell has a direct effect on your case for settlement. Brain injuries are very serious and the loss of your sense of smell can directly alter your quality of life.  People who have lost that sense report depression, loss of appetite, anxiety, and a permanent disability to discern safety hazards.  In the event of a head injury it’s very important to continue treatment until you are fully recovered. An untreated or premature completion of treatment for head injuries can lead to reoccurring symptoms.

Ansomia can be a permanent disability.  This case report entitled “ Recovery of Olfactory Function after Nine Years of Post-Traumatic Ansomia: a Case Report,”  details a story about a man who lost his sense of smell for 9 years! The seriousness of this injury significantly increases the leverage of a settlement. If this has happened to you after an accident you should contact an attorney immediately.

Following your accident, you should get a referral for a specialist in the field of olfactory dysfunction. Additionally, you should retain the services of an attorney who will make sure that all your medical expenses are paid by those who are liable. Do not stop treatment until you are 100% recovered.

If you are permanently disabled, your attorney will instruct you to be evaluated by your doctor for a permanency rating. This will provide a numerical range of damages projected throughout your lifetime for your disability. This will be used to

Loss of Smell after a Head Injury

help you get a higher settlement amount.

All of our senses play a pivotal role in our lives. Without them we cannot expect to be made whole. If this is happening to you after an accident, you should take the proper steps to ensure that you receive only the best care and representation to ensure that your quality of life is protected in the present and in the future.

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