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Unwritten Rules Of The Road

When we start driving, we are told to watch the signs, drive the speed limit and obey all traffic laws. But what about the unwritten rules of the road? It’s important to understand these laws for a safer, easier drive. It also helps continue the speed of traffic as...

Marijuana Legalization in Oregon

In their book, Think Like A Freak 1 Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner coined the term, “ teaching the garden to weed itself.”   A  basic concept of determining guilt  with a little bit of wit and game theory whereby the guilty reveal themselves. An example is given in...

UBER: The People’s Champion

This article will cover the war between The Portand Transportation Bureau  and Transportation Network Giant UBER.  This week we have the: newcomer, the underdog, the anti-hero. The People’s Champion: UBER. We here at Peterson Law Offices told you about the...
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