Oregon Dog Bite Law

Dog in Gresham, Oregon ready to biteWhat is Oregon Dog Bite Law?

Oregon Dog Bite Law changes from time to time. For any dog bite you’ve suffered, the steps you take after can seriously affect how you might be compensated later.

Even if you’re not sure how extreme the dog bite you’ve suffered is, give us a call at Peterson Law Offices.

Just as important, do not talk to any insurance companies, or even at length with the dog owner, before you’ve spoken with us.

First, and foremost, seek medical help, but make sure that you get a photo of the injury. Any kind of documentation of the wound will prove most important. Photos are helpful for the entire healing process. Photos also document the scar tissue that occurs due to the dog bite.

Dog Bite Laws and Owner Liability

Every state may have different dog bite laws and what they consider owner liabilities. In Oregon, an owner’s liability for dog bites is enforced when the dog is deemed as potentially dangerous.

A potentially dangerous dog includes one that menaces an individual when they are away from the owner’s property. They must also inflict injury on a person or a domestic animal. All this occurring while away from the private property of the owner.

Furthermore, the dog is not provoked at the time of the dog bite. Under these circumstances, owner liability is established and the owner may be responsible for all damage that is inflicted.

What is Strict Liability?

Strict liability comes when an owner does not know that their dog is potentially dangerous. Many states enforce strict liability.  However, Oregon follows the “one bite rule.”

This rule means that the owner may not be liable the first time the dog bites someone because they were unaware that their dog is dangerous.

After that first bite occurs, then the owner is knowledgeable about the dog’s behavior. Therefore, the owner is held liable for any later incidents.


Negligence regarding dog bite law means that the dog’s owner can be held responsible if negligence is the cause of the dog bite. One example of negligence is allowing the dog to run free instead of being on a leash. Walking too many dogs at once can also present a case of negligence as well.

Animal Control Laws

Animal control laws differ state to state as well as at a city and county level. It is important to familiarize yourself with all these different rules and regulations. An attorney should be consulted to better inform you of the law. An entire dog bite claim could also depend on a violation of one of these laws so it is important that you know what you can expect before filing your claim.

Seeking Compensation

If you have bitten by a dog and received injuries, then you may be able to seek compensation. Compensation for a dog bite can go towards medical bills involved with the injury and lost wages, for example.

The victim can also seek damages for physical and emotional pain and suffering, permanent scarring, disability, and any loss of quality of life.

There is a cap put on the amount of compensation a victim can receive in certain states. An experienced lawyer in dog bite law will be able to explain the damages you are due and how much you will be able to get.hand bitten

It is important that you are aware of your rights when it comes to dog bites and dog bite injury. Seeking an experienced Oregon dog bite law attorney will be in your best interest when it comes to seeking compensation for your injuries and filing a claim.

We have experience in taking dog bite injury photos and have good photo equipment for that purpose.

Make sure that at some point soon after the accident you get the name and address of the owner, as well as the breed of the dog. Animal Care and Control will need to be called then. The dog typically becomes quarantined so that no one else will be bitten while the dog is assessed.

Compensation by the Dog Owner’s Insurance Company

If the owner of the dog has insurance then the insurance company will be who compensates the victim. Statistics show, however, that only one in six dog bite victims actually seek medical attention for their injuries.

Typically, pets are covered under renter’s insurance liability. However, certain breeds are excluded from some insurance companies’ coverage because they are on the dangerous dog list. Having a dog on this list means that the insurance company WILL NOT provide compensation for any dog bite injury. Therefore, the dog’s owner will be held responsible and liable for any compensation that is due.

If you are going to file a claim under renter’s insurance for a dog bite, it should be treated like any other claim.

Homeowner and renter’s insurance typically cover dog bite liability up to a certain limit. This limit usually is around $100,000 and cannot exceed $300,000. A dog that bites will then pose an increased risk for the future.

Therefore, any bites after the first incident may not be covered by the insurance company. Keep in mind that if the incident happens off the property, the coverage can be reduced.

Seeking Help and Compensation

At Peterson Law Offices, we have knowledge of Oregon dog bite law and we can help you determine if legal action makes sense. We will take you from there, step by step through the claim process.

It is always better to have someone in your corner with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you through the very complicated legal process.

Dog bites can be serious and can cause extensive damage. It is best to report the incident, gather the information you need, and discuss your options with a dog bite law attorney. Don’t become another statistic.

We are here to help you get fully compensated for any medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and whatever other issues pertaining to your case.

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