Bodily Injury Claim Settlement

What is a bodily injury claim settlement?

A bodily injury claim settlement is what you want to pursue if you have been injured in an accident and the accident was not your fault. Most common bodily injury settlements are filed because of a car accident or because you slipped and fell at an area outside of your home.

A claim settlement will only be awarded if medical treatment is sought and an injury is proven and the best way to do this is to immediately go to an emergency room following your accident. Your health is your number one priority and you should always seek medical attention right away.

Bodily Injury Claim Settlement Amounts

We have gotten bodily injury settlements from $900 to $275,000 for our clients. Of course this is not a guaranteed amount and results will vary depending on the facts of the case.

How to Document a Bodily Injury Claim

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you will also want to follow up with your family doctor after you receive treatment at the emergency room.  This is so that any treatment plan that may be needed can be followed as well as the proper documentation written. It is imperative that you follow through with all injured manappointments with your doctor as well as any rehabilitation needed so that documentation and medical records that are related to the accident can be provided.

These documents will be used to prove why you are wanting and needing a bodily injury claim settled.  The insurance adjuster will critique these documents that you provide and will look for any sort of discrepancies so make sure everything is fully noted and you have followed your doctor’s instructions for healing.

It is also important to make sure that you read all documentation provided by your doctor so that everything they have written, you agree with and that they have addressed all your injuries.

Types of Bodily Injury Claim Settlements

There are three categories of damages awarded in a bodily injury claim settlement.  These categories are called “compensatory” or “special”, “punitive” and “non-economic:”.

Compensatory (special) damage is the most common claim that most people file as this is what is paid to cover expenses and lost wages because of an accident.victim getting medical care after an accident

Punitive damages are generally awarded by the judge and something you do not file.  The money paid out from a punitive damage judgment is meant to punish the person who caused the accident because of their reckless behavior.

 Non-economic damages compensate injuries and losses that are not easily quantified by a dollar amount. Also known as quality-of-life damages, this compensation covers the family of victims who have died, or severely injured victims. It’s money you are awarded for your pain and suffering.

Factors in a Bodily Injury Claim Settlement

There are many factors that can influence how much or how little your settlement will pay out. Common factors are:

  • Type of injury: Permanent or minorchiropractor giving chiropractic care
  • Medical bills
  • Emotional stress
  • Length of recovery
  • Medication expenses
  • Work or school loss
  • Repair or replacement of property damage
  • Diminished value

There is no magic number or formula that can be given to tell you what to expect when receiving your settlement. The insurance company and the insurance adjuster must take into account all the factors that affect your case.

The best way to start figuring out what factors will apply to your claim is to for us to work with you to figure out the settlement cost you want to claim based on the bills in hand, wages lost at your job and what your future losses are estimated to be based on your particular injury. We will outline each cost incurred, line by line, and will be honest and realistic with how much money are you asking for in your claim. In addition to the real costs incurred, you will also want to include pain and suffering costs as a separate part of your claim.

Bodily Injury Settlement Lawyer

The best way to fully maximize on the amount of money you can get is to get a personal injury lawyer to represent you and take the appropriate steps through the process of filing. Getting a personal lawyer is highly advised for those accidents that cause permanent damage as your expenses and lost wages will most likely be higher.

We will provide your first consultation free and will use this first consultation to understand what accident you have experienced as well as the injuries incurred and will determine if you have a case to pursue. We always represent clients on a contingency, “no fee until recovery” basis. Our team has thorough knowledge of the laws that can best benefit you and the insight, based on previous cases we have handled, as to what medical expenses that you can further expect.

Experiencing the traumatic effects from an accident and filing a bodily injury claim can be confusing and overwhelming.  Call our offices and we would be happy to help gather your documentation, give advice and work with you to settle with your insurance company for your maximum benefit.

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