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boating accident on the rocksHow a Boating Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get the Money You Deserve

Unfortunately, not everyone out on the water is as safe as you are. Boating accidents in Oregon and Washington state often result in serious injury, and sometimes death. If you’ve been involved in a boating accident, don’t panic. The first thing to do after reporting it is to get an Oregon boating accident lawyer on your side.

While legal wrangling may not be your first inclination, having an advocate right from the start is always best.

There are many things that an Oregon and Washington boating accident lawyer from Peterson Law Offices will advise you to do early on in the process. For instance, it’s important to have a specialist assess you for the true extent of your injuries.

Common Injuries Due to a Boating Accident

Back injuries, which are common in boating accidents, can be hard to detect by someone who is not a specialist in soft-tissue injuries.

Soft tissue injuries typically involve damage to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It can occur from any kind of accident, big or small. Soft tissue injuries can take as little as one to two weeks to properly heal. However, more serious injuries can require a longer healing and recovery time.

The recovery times depend on the significance of the injuries sustained in the accident, your age, your overall health, and sometimes even your occupation. The first course of treatment for any soft tissue injury is to try to reduce any bleeding or damage that has occurred within the joints.

Back injuries, on the other hand, may be even more devastating. If there is damage to the neck or back the individual may have localized pain, tenderness, and stiffness in the affected areas. They can also experience numbness, tingling, or even paralysis in more serious cases.

Back injuries can take a long time to heal and many months of physical therapy, especially if the injuries sustained are significant.

Finding specialized care and an experienced doctor to determine the extent of the back and soft tissue damage may be expensive and hard to find. It could also take a considerable amount of time depending on the insurance and whether or not certain referrals are required.

Insurance Companies Response

Insurance companies count on the fact that you won’t be able to seek this kind of specialized medical care before they settle their claim with you. So they may not offer what you actually deserve.

At Peterson Law Offices of Gresham, Oregon, we work with accident victims from a variety of vehicles, including boats, to make sure they know the issues. We will make sure you take the smartest step-by-step moves toward getting fair compensation for your injuries.boating accident

In addition, there are many issues to be aware of after a boating accident including knowledge of the maritime law in Oregon and Washington. Let an experienced maritime lawyer help take the burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your recovery.

Boating Safety and Statistics

Safe boating should be a primary focus for boaters and requires proper training, education, and experience. Consequently, one of the biggest boating safety indicators is the number of fatalities we see due to boating accidents.

Last year there were a reported 701 deaths, 2,903 injuries and a total of 4,463 boating accidents. The top boating accidents consisted of collisions with other recreational vessels, collisions with fixed objects, and flooding and swamping. Grounding and capsizing are two more incidents that occur but are not ranked as high.

Furthermore, operator inattention, inexperience, and improper lookouts were the key contributors to the boating accidents seen in the previous year.

Seeking Help for your Case

Boating is a recreational activity, but it may also be the way in which people make a living. Receiving the compensation you deserve due to a boating accident is a priority.

An experienced boat accident attorney can help familiarize you with the laws and regulations for your state. For example, Washington state requires a boating safety card for any operators under the age of fifty.

Immediately following a boating accident, contact emergency personnel and medical help. Next, take photos and retrieve contact information for everyone involved.

Take very detailed notes of what happened.Finally, avoid insurance companies until you consult a boat accident attorney about your case.

The insurance companies will not have your best interests in mind when they discuss the claim with you. It is always best to have your attorney intervene so you are ensured that everything is done properly and within the correct time frames.

Other Considerations

You should always discuss your case with the proper attorney who is experienced with your particular situation. It is okay to discuss aspects of their firm. For example, what their success rate with this type of case is and how they typically handle boating accident cases.

After your consultation, the attorney will have a better idea of how to help you. They will be able to propose a plan to handle your case. Always walk into your consultation with all the information you have. Describe all the details of the accident, small or large.

You will have a better idea of how the case will be handled after discussing options with the attorney.  The strategy they choose will seem logical and reasonable. You will also be better prepared to handle the upcoming steps you must take to receive compensation for damage and injuries.

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