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Many of my clients have bulging discs after a car accident and wonder “What are amounts can you get for a settlement for bulging disc?”.  As of 2015, when this was written, I have received settlement for bulging disc in the amount of $4000 to $100,000 for my accident injury clients who do not have surgery.

What is a bulging disc and how does it relate to car accidents?

A bulging disc injury is one which can occur in a high (or low) impact car crash. Each day, thousands of people are hurt during head on collisions, being rear-ended, or otherwise being involved in a car crash. With bulging disc injuries, sprains, lower back pain, herniated discs, and similar injuries, it is important to treat these injuries immediately, so as to avoid major, lingering damage. The sooner you seek out assistance to have a bulging disc settlement claim resolved, the sooner you can get the necessary treatment to ensure you aren’t in pain and to ensure no permanent damage ensues after your accident.bulging disc xray

What are these injuries?
So, you have visited a chiropractor who tells you that you suffered a bulging disc injury following your car accident? What is this, and what does it mean? Sometimes referred to as a “pinched nerve” or “herniated disc,” but each of these terms describes an injury which is slightly different. So, what does each one actually mean?

1. Bulging disc
This term refers to a disc which expands outside of the space which it should normally occupy in the back. The “Bulge” typically affects a large portion of the disc , and the part which is typically bulging out of the space is the hard, outer layer of cartilage which was affected.

2. Herniated disc
Conversely, a herniated disc injury refers to when there is a crack in the tough outer cartilage of the disc, which in turn allows a portion of the soft inner disc portion of the cartilage to protrude outside the disc.

Bulging disc injuries are more common, and typically you won’t feel a level of pain with these injuries. This is what makes them so dangerous to individuals who do suffer from them. The fact that you aren’t feeling pain, means you aren’t aware of an injury. Over time, the level of deterioration to the cartilage will expand, and the more time that passes, the worst the damage will be. And, over time, this injury which may seem trivial to some, and painless, is going to become a major pain if it is not properly treated.bulging disc

What are your treatment options for bulging disc after a car accident?

So, you have been diagnosed with a bulging disc injury following your car accident; what is the best method of treatment? Where do you go for treatment, and what should be done during your treatment sessions? These are likely some of the questions you have after visiting a chiropractor to learn of your injury. There are a few treatment options which you should consider upon speaking to a chiropractor about your injury which include:

1. Spinal manipulation

Is also known as adjustment of the spine to help place the bulging disc in its place is one treatment option. This is typically done to help relieve the stress which is placed on the lower back, spinal column, and other discs which have not been affected. Manipulation allows the chiropractor to help eliminate stress, help realign the spine, and possibly help reduce inflammation to the areas which are affected.chiropractor giving chiropractic care

2. Flexion Distraction

This is where the chiropractor will use the specialized table, to help “distract” or stretch the spine. This helps reduce stress levels and compression of the bulging disc. This method can also help to move the disc away from the nerve so it won’t affect nerves or nerve roots. A series of treatments is typically required with this treatment method.


The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is often used to treat the bulging disc for some patients. As the name implies, these drugs are used to help with inflammation, help with pain management, and help to decompress the area which was compressed (bulging) due to the accident.

4. Hot & Cold

Heat packs and cold ice packs are often used to help treat the pain associated with disc injuries. The hot and cold treatments typically help with inflammation, pain through the legs and lower body, and help to decompress the areas which are affected due to the accident.

5. Physical therapy

In many cases, patients will require or prefer physical therapy. This is going to include a series of exercises to help regain mobility, to help lessen the pain, and to help them improve overall stability and range of motion.physical therapy sign

It is important to note that there is no cure for a bulging or herniated disc, unless spinal surgery is done on the patient (which is typically non-desirable by most). The best case scenario is to manage the pain, and help reduce inflammation, compression, and improve range of motion. So, patients who were injured in a car accident should understand this prior to having any treatment work done with a chiropractor.

Considerations for Bulging disc settlement amounts

So, what goes into calculating your damages if you were injured in a car accident and suffered bulging discs and other injuries? A number of factors will be considered which include:

  • The amount of culpability (were you at fault, could you have done something to avoid the accident)?
  • Severity of the injuries and damage.
  • Cost of treatment, continual therapy, medication, and other costs associated with treating your injury.
  • Duration of treatment and who your insurer is.

Of course a great attorney is going to help ensure you receive everything which is owed to you, due to the negligence of other drivers on the road, which led to your accident. So, it is important to hire a great accident attorney, who has worked on bulging disc and other injury accidents, which were related to car accidents.

Hire the right Oregon Firm to maximize your bulging disc settlement amounts

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