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How a slip and fall attorney can help you get the money you deserve

A slip and fall in or around someone else’s home or office can be not only embarrassing, but–more importantly–it can also result in serious injury. If you’ve fallen and been badly injured based on what you feel is someone else’s negligence, call Peterson Law Offices to learn more about your rights.cartoon man falling

For many years, we’ve helped the residents of Oregon and southern Washington recover the funds they deserve after a serious slip and fall accident.

The first thing to do after attending to your slip and fall injuries is to call us. We will immediately look into your claim to help us determine if we might be able to use “premises liability” as a charge against the owner. While not always easy to prove, this liability helps protect from injury those who visit homes and public and private buildings and land.

A slip and fall attorney needs to prove these three conditions for a slip and fall.

  1. that someone created the condition.
  2. we need to prove that the owner was aware of the condition but did nothing. This point tends to eliminate a lot of claims, unfortunately.
  3. we need to prove that there was a sufficient amount of time for the owner to become aware of the condition and fix it.

But before you determine the viability of your case yourself, and certainly before you talk to any insurance company, talk to the experts at Peterson Law Offices. We will be happy to examine the circumstances to help you learn what your chances are for bringing a claim.

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