This is an explanation of your Contingent Fee Agreement with us. Please read and sign it before you sign the Agreement.

    The Contingent Fee Agreement says:
    1. We agree to handle your case.
    2. If we handle your case to completion and do not recover any money, you do not have to pay us for our services.
    3. If we handle your case to completion and recover some money for you, you must pay us for our services. Our fee will be a percentage of what we recover for you. The percentage is set forth in the Contingent Fee Agreement.
    4. If your case is filed in Court we may advance money for court costs like filing fees, witness fees, doctor’s reports, court reporters’ services, or other expenses on your behalf, you must repay us whether the case is won or lost. We will discuss this prior to filing suit. If we advance money for getting your medical providers records Peterson Law Offices will be reimbursed from the settlement of your case.
    5. You may cancel the Contingent Fee Agreement by notifying us in writing within 24 hours after you sign it.
    6. If you cancel the Agreement within the 24 hour period, you will have no obligation to us.
    I have read the foregoing explanation before I signed the Agreement with Peterson Law Offices.
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You’re almost done. Please complete the form on the next page too, in order for Peterson Law Offices to legally represent you.

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