List Of Home Owners Insurance And Car Insurance Companies

Below is a list of home owners insurance and car insurance companies with links to report a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall or other injury.

You can report the claim to your insurance company online for some insurance companies or get the phone number to call and report the accident.

List Of Home Owners Insurance And Car Insurance Companies

Allstate Insurance

American Family Insurance

American States Insurance ; Safeco

Colonial Insurance

Country Companies Insurance

Dairyland Insurance

Deerbrook Insurance

Electric Insurance

Farmers Insurance

GEICO Insurance

GMAC Insurance

Grange Insurance Associates

Grange Mutual Insurance

Horace Mann

Liberty Mutual

Lumberman Mutual

Metropolitan Insurance

Mutual of Enumclaw

National Alliance Insurance

Nationwide Insurance

Oregon Mutual Insurance

Progressive Insurance

Prudential of America

St. Paul Companies Insurance

State farm Insurance

Travelers Insurance

Unigard insurance

Western Protectors Insurance

Oregon car crash or Washington auto accident victims: In our opinion, minor car accidents can cause serious injuries your doctor may not be trained to treat!

You may have been told at the emergency room or by your family doctor that you had no injuries, but in our opinion it is best to be aware that many car accident injury symptoms take awhile to show up. It’s called “delayed onset soft tissue injury” or what some people call ” hidden injuries”.toy car, money and keys

Read our hidden injury REPORT if you think this may apply to you. The auto insurance companies know all about this and may get you to sign a release before you feel these hidden injuries. Don’t talk to anyone except your own auto insurance company until you talk to a lawyer first.

You may be able to use these links to notify your auto insurance company not the other driver’s auto insurance company.

Not all auto insurance companies are as good to work with as others. I won’t tell you my opinions about which insurance companies are good and which are bad. Unfortunately, you have no control over which insurance company the other driver had when you are in a car accident!

You do have control over which one you have, however, so if you are buying insurance, try to get a company with a good reputation. Another good source to decide which insurance company to buy form is Consumers Reports Magazine who rates the insurance companies based on surveys of their readers. Also, make sure you get good underinsurance coverage.

You can’t control how severe you will be hurt or how much insurance, if any, the other driver has, so make sure you have a good amount of underinsured motorist coverage. Gap insurance may protect you if your car gets totaled and you owe more than it is worth.

We have many years experience with all the different insurance companies and know what to expect from many of them and how to negotiate the best personal injury insurance settlement with that particular insurance company.

In our opinion many of the adjusters know us and we think that they know that we are not afraid to go to court. We also know or can research all the laws that are in place to protect car accident victims and will use them if need be.


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