(No Recovery = No Fee)

    I, the undersigned (client) hereby retain Peterson Law Offices, P.C., to represent and handle:


    The parties agree:

    (1) The fee for legal services is contingent and based upon the amount recovered. If there is no recovery, there is no fee and the client owes nothing. The attorney fee is 1/3 of any amount received if the case settles except as provided in (A) below. There is no fee on medical bills paid by your auto insurance.

    (A) If the case is tried in court or arbitrated, the fee is 40% (this applies only if the case is filed in court). Court costs and expenses, if applicable, are to be paid in advance by the client and will be discussed with the client before any suit is filed. The case will not be filed in court unless the client authorizes Peterson Law Offices to pursue the case in this manner.

    (2) A one-time charge of $125.00 for telephone, postage, fax and office expense will be deducted from the monies received, if any, at the end of each case. The attorney will be reimbursed for any costs paid such as copying fees of clients’ medical records which medical providers charge.

    (3) Client is entitled to rescind this agreement within 24 hours after signing by giving written notice to the attorney.

    (4) Client understands that he/she has read the explanation of the contingent fee agreement as approved by the state bar (attached).

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