Car Crash Statistics For Oregon

car crash StatisticsCar crash statistics are something for everyone to be aware of. Unfortunately, our Gresham, Oregon personal injury law firm sees a steady stream of car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, commercial vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, and even fatal accident victims.

Car Crash Statistics for Portland Area

Statistically, people just keep getting injured in vehicular accidents in Gresham, Oregon and other places around America. Even though it is our line of work to help injured people, it is often difficult to see a never ending a steam of injuries caused by cars and other vehicles.

“One out of every 84 children born today will die violently in a motor vehicle crash, while six out of every ten children will be injured in a motor vehicle crash over the course of their lives, many of them more than once.” Quoted from the introduction of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Oregon has roughly 3,500,000 people in 2000 (U.S. Census Bureau) and the US has roughly 280,000,000 people, so by our calculations Oregon state represents 1.25% of the nation. The Portland Metro area, which includes Vancouver WA, has about 1% of the US population according to our calculations.

Every year there are roughly 3 million vehicle related injuries in the US we have read. So if the Portland Metro area represents roughly 1% of the US population that makes about 37,500 injuries a year or about 100 car accident injuries a day in the Portland Metro Area by our calculations!

If you don’t believe it, you can listen to the police scanner at and you will hear just how many accidents the police are called to go to as you listen.

The police fill out on average about 3000 vehicle accident reports each month and many car accidents go unreported by Oregon police.

Links to find out the car crash statistics of accidents in your state

The knowledge gained from reading the information in these links may give you motivation to improve your level of safety by working closer to your home thereby reducing the number of miles you drive per year.

This will give you more free time and, at the same time, help the environment.

CDC Accident Statistics

Insurance Institute For Highway Safety

National Transportation Safety Board Highway accident studies

ODOT Vehicle Fatalities Statistics

International Road Crash stats

United Census Bureau

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