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Susak and Powell
Susak and Powell was a well known Portland, OR personal injury / car accident law firm. It was pretty much a household name in this city.

You could see the ads for the firm on TV during the day time for many years.  Recently, the personal injury lawyers at Susak and Powell posted a message on their website that they were shutting their doors.  The law firm was no longer accepting new clients.

Susak and Powell

If you are trying to reach Susak and Powell you might want to call Todd Peterson at Peterson Law Offices just up the street as he’s been doing car accident and injury work for over 25 years.

Yes, they were our competitor for a quarter century and now who knows were they are (Cayman Islands, Bermuda???) but Todd is available to help you with a full staff and no run around. So give Todd the call and lawyer up to get the money you deserve for your injury accident.  Contact us now for a free consultation.Todd Peterson, Oregon accident attorney on the telephone

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