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What is an ORS 20.080 demand? What kind of cases is it good for?


An ORS 20.080 demand is a demand on the insurance company that will require a response within 30 days.  The demand can ask for as much as ten thousand dollars.

If the insurance company makes an offer, which they will do in response, and we were to beat their offer by a dollar in an arbitration after the lawsuit is filed, then we can get attorney fees.  So the practical effect is that it puts a lot of pressure on the insurance company to give us the right amount for the case.

There’s a particular type of case that will fit under the guidelines for an ORS demand.  It’s a good, forceful way to deal with the insurance company to get the maximum amount possible on a claim. The insurance companies don’t like these demands but we do them because we’re advocates for our client in every step of the way.

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