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Do I need a lawyer for my car accident?

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When a client asks you “Do I need a lawyer?” what do you answer?

Does a person need a lawyer if they’ve been injured in an accident? Well, many insurance adjusters will tell you on the phone you don’t and if someone is telling you not to get a lawyer, I think my opinion is: get a lawyer.  No one ever gets a better result if they don’t have an attorney; that’s my opinion.

I’ve been doing this work for 23 years now and I’ve seen case after case after case, people I talk to on the phone, saying they wish they would have gotten an attorney.

Well getting an attorney is easy.  Most personal injury attorneys like me will work on a contingency basis, which means no upfront payments. We get paid when we get the case settled.

In my opinion you get more for your car accident injury claim if you have an attorney; your just going to get a better result.  It’s because you have a force to back you up; you have….. it’s like having a quiver…. an arrow in your quiver.  You’re armed and you’re protected.  That way you can focus in on getting better and going on the road to recovery so we can get you back to the point where you were before the car accident.

Todd Peterson:

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  • I really like that you mention an attorney being like an arrow in your quiver. I was in an accident earlier this year and didn't get an attorney, and we had a terrible time trying to work with the other person's insurance (it was their fault). After reading through these points, I will definitely consider more seriously getting an attorney if I'm ever in that situation again!

  • I agree that having an attorney is like being armed and protected. If you don't have one, your vulnerable because you're likely to not represent yourself as well. You also don't have as much likelihood that a judge will listen to you.

  • I like how you said "if someone is telling you not to get a lawyer...get a lawyer." I agree, it is better to have a professional help with the case, especially if you are injured and incapacitated. You may have to pay more money, but getting a better result is worth it.

  • I agree that no one gets a better result without a lawyer. I know my sister was injured in a car accident and really didn't get the compensation she deserved. I recommend getting an experienced attorney when you are injured.

  • I agree with you that it's always best to hire an attorney. You have plenty experience in the business and can see all of the mistakes that people have made without attorneys. In my case, I think that it just relieves a lot of stress. An attorney can do a lot of things for me that I can't do myself.

  • This is excellent advice. Getting an attorney is a good idea if you are injured in an accident. It's important for people to understand that most attorneys are willing to work on contingency and are relatively accessible to most. Thanks for sharing this!

  • That is awesome that you have been practicing as a personal injury lawyer for several years now. Understanding the importance of going to an injury lawyer, I think really can be beneficial, especially when it comes to winning a case. I am glad to know that you are able to answer any questions your clients may have, that is definitely comforting.

  • There are a number of things you should do (and are in fact legally obligated to do) at the accident scene, but one big “don’t” is this: Don’t admit you were at fault for the crash. In fact, don’t say anything that could even be construed as an admission of fault ,,things like “I didn’t even see you,” or 'I’m sorry.”

    This is not to suggest that you should lie or withhold necessary information when you’re talking with others who were involved in the accident. Be polite, exchange contact and car insurance information, and co-operate with any law enforcement officer who comes to the scene.

    Just don’t get into any discussion of fault at the scene, with anybody. It may be a more complicated question than you think, and there will be plenty of time for a fault determination later on, after all the facts are in.

  • It sounds like you really have a lot of experience dealing with auto accident cases. Twenty-three years worth of people telling you they wish they had hired an accident attorney is a pretty significant amount! I would say that if you are on the edge about getting a lawyer, then just do it so that you won't regret it, later. I'll pass this on to my brother — he's still deciding whether or not to find an attorney for the accident he was involved in last week.

  • If the insurance company is advising you against getting a lawyer then they are certainly not keeping your interests in mind because a good lawyer will negotiate a good insurance cover from them. So always get a good and trusted personal injury lawyer.

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