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Todd Peterson is an Oregon Bike Accident lawyer who has been biking in Portland since 1992. Back when he was a young attorney, before he had his own firm, he used to commute to work by bike when almost no one else was. His boss thought he was crazy. He knows how little respect cars often give to bicyclists who are following the law.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a bike accident, you know the fear, frustration, and stress that it places on your life. Once you’re assured that injuries are not life threatening, then it’s natural to want to put the experience behind you and move on.

Before you settle quickly with your insurance company, however, talk to a good Oregon accident bike lawyer. This is essential if you want to receive a fair settlement.

How an Oregon bike accident lawyer can help

Especially with bike accidents, insurance companies want to pay you as little as they can get away with. They are businesses, so their interest is not in making sure you get paid for time lost at work and for lingering symptoms.

Their main motive is spending as little as possible on your case. At Peterson Law Offices, we will fight to see that you are properly diagnosed and that any settlement will cover all of your costs.oregon bike accident lawyer

Bicycle accidents frequently can lead to serious injuries when compared to car on car accidents. There is nothing but your helmet to protect you from the car.

Don’t turn a bike accident into a negative turning point in your life. Make sure you get an Oregon bike accident lawyer quickly with Peterson Law Offices. We’ve helped thousands of Oregon residents regain their health and their lives. You must act quickly after an accident, however, as time is of the essence in gathering information. Call us today at 503-280-0888 .

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